Few things thrill me, such as the boudoir shoot. Boudoir Photography is truly magical. I get many emails of tentative ladies, saying they might not be the best models, but they are excited to try this shoot, and would I please send them more information, which I am happy to do.

My work allows me to move all over Gauteng especially, end at times, over the country, as it makes me mobile, which makes my client’s base bigger. Usually with the boudoir shoot, I advise my ladies to have the shoot done at their own homes which we use smartly for compositions, or – many ladies opt for the guesthouse- or hotel idea, which is also fun to shoot at. With these options there usually is already a bedroom set-up, and we use all sorts of corners and cracks for interesting images.

This amazing client had been able to lose a lot of weight prior to her boudoir shoot, and was very proud to have her shoot done with me, which was to become the gift to her husband-to-be, for their upcoming wedding. She had such an interesting look with a sensual mouth and gorgeous eyes, and all tricks were pulled to give her something extraordinary. She took to it like a duck to water. Perhaps, because of her history, she had been able to get to know her own body very well, and when a new time could come for her to showcase it in an intimate, special way as a gift, she did it so supremely well and we both were very proud of her product, as I had been able to receive an amazing testimonial from her, after the wedding, and after she had been able to capture her now-husband’s face when he received his gift.

It’s almost as if it’s a journey with each and every woman, Boudoir Photography – each one is different, each one has a different reason for doing her shoot, and each one does it differently according to her own personality, and that is what thrills me and makes me want to keep doing it for more women.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography