Boudoir Photography – Accessories for the boudoir studio shoot


Nicolassi was born from a need to provide that something different to my shoots. As a portrait photographer, I love working with people, obviously – but especially the female shape and form, as for many artists’ already for millennia, is an inspiration, a wonderful subject for me to shape with.

Nicolassi is a clothing- and accessory range that provides the clients of Loci photography’s shoots, a way to enhance their set of images, to up the value of their end-product. It’s tough to have a specific and beautiful garment especially made for you, only for the purposes of one shoot, it is an unnecessary expense unless it will be used enough times to make it worthwhile.

Usually shoots are done for the purpose of looking a tad bit more glamorous than usual, to have some images of yourself done to portray the very best parts of you, and to elevate you a little, as life…can just get too mundainly the same, every day.

I’m a boudoir professional- and expert, and especially my boudoir shoots have benefitted from the Nicolassi range, as the garments tell a story of their own, they provide shape, texture and lines, and a bit of drama – everything the camera loves, and everything that makes for good shoots. Boudoir photography is a favourite of mine, and a niche market for eager clients wanting something amazing, spectacular and different to the normal.

Shoots are done….for mostly fun, and to look at yourself in them and go…”wow”, even if that doesn’t fully explain the feeling. It should make you wonder why you like it so much, and something like a beautiful red coat, that tells its own story and provides its own life and character, gives flair and a bit of an elaborate appeal, which just makes for images that are unlike the normal way of shooting available freely.

This incredible coat is meant to take on the shape of the person wearing it, it can cover a whole lot or be fitted to only show a few strategic pieces of skin, like one incredible leg, and the line of that amazing knee. The Nicolassi garments are made inspired by greats like Oscar de la Renta, The Balmain Fashion House and some Armani lines as well.

Made from synthetic/vegan leather, it provides some luxurious additional appeal to any shoot, with no fear that this coat will wear you – as it gives you the chance to wear it, with pride.

The Nicolassi Range will have it’s own page soon, with garments to hire for your boudoir, fitness and portfolio shoots.
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