Boudoir on location, Johannesburg, Loci Photography

Ever since I have started photographing Boudoir, I was hooked. I truly was.

The Boudoir shoot is amazing to do, and the interaction between you, and your lady trusting you to get a good product, trusting you with her image, is awesome. It isn’t just photos of underwear, it’s an amazing amount more. It’s a journey with each and every woman I get to do this with. They’re not models, or trained well to know how to pose like pro’s – they’re women like any other, wanting great shots for themselves.

This lies close to my heart every time, and I’m always sensitive, and respectful towards my job in this sense. I know the trust they have in me, and I know how, all they would like, is just to get their products back and be in awe.

She had gorgeous lips, and her skintone were velvety. It was a great time of day where the sun was a bit lower, and made for a softer, more dreamier look within her apartment. Her image of her reflecrtion on the table, I just love, and I know it was great the moment I took it. It is a very sensual shoot, without it supposed to be sleazy, and it’s your job as photographer to help your clients, make them feel amazing while you’re busy with the shoot, so that they know their product will be of very high quality.

Boudoir will most probaly always be my forte, the one thing I would like to grow more in, learn more about, and get more satisfaction from.

This is my boudoir.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer