Life gives us little joy’s – Valentine’s Day, is perhaps one of those, if you wish to see it that way. We can get silly, and give each other gifts, that makes no sense. But perhaps – you wouldn’t want to give something silly – this year, you could give a boudoir gift, of a shoot you took, with Loci Photography.

I’ve been doing boudoir for almost a decade, and of all of those shoots, I can’t single out better, or worse ones. Every shoot, with every single woman, is unique and different, and every woman have different reason for wanting to have a boudoir gift of her own.

It’s inherent of any woman to feel sensual, we have the curves and the lines for it, our bodies make for the success of this special shoot, and even though it many times done for a partner, it makes us, feel spectacular.

I love the feeling I get when my clients cry, that’s how beautiful they feel their images are. A boudoir gift, is a gift for yourself.

Valentine’s Day 2017 can be made even more special, now that Christmas has come and gone, with a boudoir shoot that will lift your spirits, and most certainly how you look at yourself.

It’s supposed to be the day of love, so why not love yourself, and do something a little different that is definitely worth it.

With different sets of underwear, jewellery, shoes and any other accessories, I will help with your posing and direct you well, so that your product is of high standard and a great quality, because we’ll showcase the best of you.

As a pro-photographer, I don’t think the boudoir shoot is all about the sexual…. I like to use a lot the surroundings as well, with some foreground- or background, and especially, the clever use of light. Remember – boudoir is for everyone, no matter your age.

Specials are on for February and March 2017, for Boudoir

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer