Black and white boudoir – Loci Photography

I know how I like my photography, is how I like my music, with a lot of variety. Black and white boudoir – I wish it was an actual world I could go live in, and breath in, and dance around in. All my boudoir shoots, are done with not only one way of shooting – I don’t just have a moody shoot, or a shoot with lots of light spilling over the client: in all cases there are moments where I am able to only shoot for that one line. For that dark spots and one highlight. And during the shoot there are times when I can sill so much light over a subject, it looks like she might just be an angel.

Giving a product to the client, is a great moment. Their images is whole buffet of various, and different things. From only some shoes peeking out of a doorway, to the beautiful lines of little lashes in a row.., to a small smile, to some hair with light peeking through.

The whole boudoir shoot must be a feast for the senses. Seeing your wife, or partner, in so many different ways. Little elements. Small details. And then a big, happy feeling for being so brave.

From top to bottom, we can be sensual in this shoot, and so feminine, and bursting with delicious lush, and then give this in increments of ourselves to our partner, who’ll delight in these pieces, and then get to know the whole you, did this shoot as a great gift.

I love black and white, and a black and white boudoir, certainly has a good ring to it. These examples are of different shoots, where there is always opportunity to make some monotone not because it’s boring – because it is even so much more stunning even without colour, and only mood.

Always remember that a boudoir shoot is the perfect wedding gift!

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer