A behind-the-scenes video, with Megan Skye Strydom

A sky filled with stunning clouds, and evident rain on the way, made for the background at the African Pride Hotel, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, for our shoot- and video with model Megan Skye Strydom. I tried doing behind-the-scenes video again of her as Mardee did stils, and the result made for a stunning behind the scenes collage of our day with her.

The penthouse at the African Pride Hotel makes for gorgeous images, and the sun was peering through the many balls of clouds from time to time, making for some drama.

I’m surprising myself with the many different things the Fujifilm X-T2 can do, and the 4K ability of it, has me in love. I’ve said it before, and this will probably not be the last time either but it’s alive – the videos, the fact that it has the live feel, is amazing.

Doing this together, as a team, as a collaboration, makes it so much more exciting, and stronger. Working together makes for a day filled with great images, and some awesome clips.

Megan has a great body, stunning hair, and a beautiful smile. Her skintone really enhanced with a great lighting set-up. The behind-the-scenes video we did here, shows different places and spaces we used in the Penthouse.

When Mardee works with models he tries to keep them as natural as possible too, even though it is a shoot, and even though they have to pose. The should be them, and bring what they do best. It’s way more about a clever set-up, and perhaps using the sun strategically, or interesting shadows, foreground- or background, than what it as about having uncomfortable or unnatural posing from the model.

Some of our best shoots weren’t even done in a great location such as the African Pride Hotel, but in a small room, in an apartment, or a plain house, perhaps in the backyard, or a set-up against a plain wall.

Work together WITH your model, to get a great product together, as it is as much the model- or subject’s input that helps, as it is the ability of the photographer.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography