A behind-the-scenes video, with the X-T2, and Sacha…

A shoot with Sacha Rose Cramer makes for good images, because she surely knows how to move. An amazing model with Ice, and just such a great spirit, Sacha knows what she wants, and she makes the job a joy. 

Mardee had a shoot with her that day, and I came along. Not yet familiar with the Fujifilm’s X-T2’s video capability yet, I thought – let me just try.

I got some stunning clips of her and put together a small video of what went on behind-the-scenes as they were shooting. We used both natural light, as well as the Profoto B1’s with some coloured gels. Sacha likes a natural look, it suits her very well, so we kept it that way.

Putting this video together, was awesome. It shows the day’s shoot, in much more of an “alive” way. Video has truly grown and to now have that capability, and the machine in your hands to do it, is awesome. It has an energy, it’s alive, it shows the shoot, or moment, and motion, instead of it only being still, it has a liquid way about it, and it’s the utmost fun to capture.

Make-up was done by Danit Gordon, stills were done by photographer Mardee Maree, and as still an amateur, behind the video, was me.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography