A moody and beautiful boudoir done at the Loci Photography studio


It’s only your dedicated responsibility to work WITH the client’s who book you, even if it seems a challenge, and even though this was such a joyous a challenge I had to work carefully to be sure to provide this spunky, smiling lady a good boudoir product of Loci Photography standard. All she knew how to do, was laugh, and smile, and I appreciated every second of that. Her face spoke of smiling, and joy, and I loved the way it has shaped her face into one only speaking of fun and happiness. So doing a shoot that required a bit more of a demure sexyness, and sensuality, as I like to call it – coming into your muchness as a woman – required her to not smile as times, and her someone who oozes such joy, that seemed like a fun problem to suddenly face.

Until the end of my career, I’m sure I’ll love doing boudoir shoots, for the very reason that every shoot is different, every story is different, and every woman I get to share that time with, gives me something I can learn from, or something I’ll remember.

Many times the boudoir shoot booking is done for the purpose of a wedding gift to the groom from the bride to be, which makes for a stunning, classy, classic gift that their partner is sure to enjoy, and cherish. The experience in the studio is her moment though, she gets to feel beautiful, and worthy and amazing, because the connection that happens between the photographer and their client, is a special one especially in a setting such as the boudoir shoot. Together we look at your outfit choices, and what you brought for your shoot, we chat about why something is a favourite of yours, and then I get to capture that in the most beautiful and flattering way to make sure you are represented well. The boudoir shoot is never a bad idea…:)
A moody and beautiful boudoir done at the Loci Photography studio, a great blog about one of the best things I do.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography