A fitness photoshoot in the Loci Photography studio in Pretoria


The fitness shoot stays a favourite of mine, because when I started my career in photography and even when I still studied for my degree, I knew that lines, shapes and textures would something that draws me in, as these are some foundations of photography that make for good, and striking images.

The fitness shoot provides that in abundance, because it works with a toned body that the light and shadows just love to capture.

Fitness- and health fanatics have a very different lifestyle to maintain, which can be super disciplined. The result of how disciplined they are, is physically visible in how their bodies are shaped, and for this reason they really work hard to keep up good shape and form.

It’s sometimes to be admired, especially because someone like myself does not visit the gym, even if I do maintain quite a healthy eating lifestyle.

This incredible young woman is part of a family I have again known for years and years, and I was able to photograph her matric dance about six years ago. We don’t always know where six years go when we get to see someone like that again, and I am blessed to have clients that came into my life- and my business some years ago, and are still sticking around for more services- and shoots.

There is a personal joy in that when you realise that your clients aren’t only clients or numbers on s spreadsheet, it’s people you connect and share with – them with you, and you most definitely with them, even if you think it’s only from the one side. Through my studio shoots I do get to be present in that moment, I do get to use my skill but also listen to stories, and I do get to share as well as absorb. A fitness photoshoot in the Loci Photography studio makes for a moody, exciting, high-quality shoot, guaranteed to make you fall in love with your product.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography