Fujfiilm has teamed up with SOOC, to create podcast of some of the photographers that shoot with Fuji’s mirrorless system, and I am happy to have been included recently, speaking of my underwater work. It’s literally still new for me. I haven’t done much of it yet, and I am not yet fully, and professionally skilled, but I do know a lot of what I do with photography is play in anyway, and I have been playing with underwater photography for awhile now, and I enjoy it fully.

Here is the full link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/user-265135729/sooc_live

I know that I still have a great deal to learn, and I don’t think that will ever stop, and I am happy for that, but I do know, for now – the few shoots that I have done, is amazing, and a whole new world for me to get creative, and see what kind of ideas I can come up with, to make it work in this medium.

Eslie Basson who heads the National Sales for Fuji, asked me to a part of the podcast they wanted to do recently, with himself, Mike Joubert and Cape Town photographer Leon Oosthuizen. What an incredible, nervous morning, but I think – in the end, it worked out well.

I do know, I’m not yet where Ilse Moore is, or a Brett Stanley, or people who do this more often, or have done for years. My work has always been about my self-expression, and I really love photography, I really love what I can create, and for it to be seen, is lovely, and makes me feel, I’m getting somewhere, and making this all happen for me.

My very first shoot, actually in figuring this out in much more of a proper way, – the images with the blueish, coldish look I have to mention was with Fujifilm X-photographer Patrick Furter, who organized it all, and made it happen. Patrick is a kind, funny guy, and great at what he does, and he is quite the workhorse, always being busy. I admire his work, and his ethic, and he always has time for a joke.

Underwater, has just become another way, of seeing things differently, of expressing differently, and of showcasing the lovely bodices and headpieces I love to make myself. I also get to use my Brother Housing I have, and my Lume Cubes, for which I am am ambassador – to grab some of them, follow this code:


I’m thankful, and grateful to Eslie and Mike and Leon, for the podcast opportunity, I hope to be able to do it again.

Sincere thank you guys!

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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